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Expert problem (Empty-suit problem)

Nassin Nicholas Taleb, 2007, The Black Swan, Penguin Books: 371

Simply, things that move, and therefore require knowledge, do not usually have experts, while things that don't move seem to have some experts. In other words, professions that deal with the future and base their studies on the nonrepeatable past have an expert problem (p147)

The problem with experts is that hey do not know what they do not know. (p147)

Some professionals have no differential abilities from the rest of the population, but for some reason, and against their empirical records, are believet to be experts: clinical psychologists, academic economists, risk "experts," statisticians, political analysits, financial "experts," military analysits, CEOs, et cetera. They dress up their expertise in beautiful language, jargon, mathematics, and often wear expensive suits. (p302)