Hello 👋 I'm Ken. I love writing and editing, as well as reading a variety of books not only from Technology but also from Social Sciences, Neuroscience, and History. These blog posts are mostly about Technology, Health & Well-being, and about our society.

  1. Now page is created

    October 13, 2022
    What is a "now page"? My "now page" is created at here. This page tells you what I am focused on at the time of writing this page.…
  2. Avoid Snacking and Preening

    October 12, 2022
    There are a lot of tasks that needs to be completed if you're working as a software engineer. Fixing bugs. Feature improvements. Refactoring and re-architectur…
  3. Hello, world!

    October 11, 2022
    About This Blog This blog is built aiming at sharing my knowledge in Database Management System (DBMS) and experiences as Database Reliability Engineer (DBRE).…