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Hello, world!

October 11, 2022

About This Blog

This blog is built aiming at sharing my knowledge in Database Management System (DBMS) and experiences as Database Reliability Engineer (DBRE).

Technology Stack

This blog is built on top of following stacks:

  • Domain: Google Domains
  • Programming Language: JavaScript/TypeScript
  • Static Page Generation: Gatsby
  • Frontend Framework: React.js
  • Query Language: GraphQL
  • Hosting: Netlify
  • CI/CD: Netlify

Why these stack?

Gatsby is one of my favourite framework. It gives you a great flexibility in building static pages, along with a variety of OSS-developed templates.

Another great thing about Gatsby is that you can also utilize rich OSS libraries from React.js community. React.js is a well-matured community. I really love the developer experience and agility of the deployment that I can benefit from using Gatsby.

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