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Coupons page is created

October 16, 2022

What is a "coupons page"?

My "coupons page" is created. This page lists the invitation code or friend coupons that I can share with you.


Why I created a "coupons page"?

There are a lot of apps that I love and use almost daily. Some of them allow us to receive some rewards if users invite friends of them. No one will get harm, so why not make use of them? :P

I love sharing new and useful things. I often talk to friends of mine and like discussing about pros and cons of new apps, products, projects, etc. I want you to join in this exciting discussion, and hopefuly you'll get some rewards as well!

I also love listening to your recommendations and your experiences in new things. Please share with me if you find amazing apps and interesting projects.

How I'd like to update my "coupons page"?

Transparency is the key. I'd like to make it as transparent as possible. At last, being transparent and being honest is the simplest way to be true to yourself.

I always write what both you and I will get as rewards from sign up as a new user. Please reach out to me if that page includes unambiguous sentences or broken links.

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