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How to get Goerli ETH for Free

November 03, 2022

As of writing this blog post, Ethereum uses Goerle (GTH) as the only testnet for Ethereum (old testnets are available as read-only).

In order to deploy your smart contracts onto Ethereum mainnet, you often need to test beforehand on testnets. You have to get some GTH to deploy your smart contracts onto testnet.

There are a lot of ways and services that offers you free GTH, and it often changes. This blog post might be too old in the next three months, so please share if you find a new one.


This is powered by Alchemy, and works stable as of writing this blog post. If you have an account on Alchemy, you can get 0.1 GTH once every 24 hours.

If you do not have any accounts on Alchemy yet, you can use the following link to sign up, and both you and I will get $100 in credit.



This website also works often, and you'll need a Twitter account to claim your GTH. It can give you other tokens on several testnet networks as well, at once. You can claim once every 24 hours.


This is the link list where you can possibly claim your testnet tokens. Although some of services listed there did not work for me.


This does not give you a free token, but give you a way to mine your GTH by using your own machine resources. It sometimes be under maintenance mode and cannot be used, but it is an useful tool if you need much more GTH than you can claim at other sites for free.


I found few more services, but for me they did not work. The services I listed in this blog post are the ones I received GTH actually.

Please let me know if you find another good services, or if you operate your own faucet service.

Also, please be gentle, kind and respectful to those who manage those faucet services. This community is built on top of trust and respectfulness, and please also share your testnet tokens to others who need much more than you if you find ones.

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