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What I Like about 'Too Good To Go'

October 19, 2022

Too Good To Go is an innovative app to combat food waste. I recently started using this app and am very excited about this business model.

This app matches users who want to buy good food cheaper and restaurants who do not want to waste food.

You find and reserve bags beforehand using the app. You pay online via the app, and then just go to local restaurants or cafes to pick up the bags you bought.

In my neighbourhood, not only local restaurants but also major brands like Starbucks or Costa Coffee are also joining this network. For example, they offer bags that are full of pastries or sandwiches for just £4, which used to be worth £10.

Ther mission is win-win-win; food-people-planet. This is called "Sanpou-Yoshi (三方よし)" in Japanese, meaning all customers, companies, and society benefit from its business model.

The win-win-win; food-people-planet concept became the epitome of our company, that gives back more than it consumes; can grow without damage, and helps everyone do something good while enjoying it!

What I really love is its UX. This screenshot shows my profile page on the app. It gives "Money saved" and "CO2e saved", based on how much you benefit from buying cheaper bags.

Too Good To Go Profile Page

Apparently one of the big disadvantages of this matching network is that you cannot find good deals when you need them. Other than that, this app works perfectly so far. This network motivates me to try out new local shops that I have been interested in for a long time, by saving food waste at the same time.

If you are running restaurants or coffee shops, please consider registering on this network. And if you are a customer interested in losing food waste, please consider using this app.

I'm happy to hear about any other similar services or products that combat food waste. Let me know if you know of any other good ones.

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