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Last updated: October 13, 2022

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My now page is here. This page tells you what I am focused on at the time of writing this page. Visit this blog post to see why I created this page.

You can find my now page at as well.

Life is short. Live in the present, fear not the future.

Database Reliability Engineering at Global Scale

As an full-time Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) at a tech company in London, I am focusing on improving the reliability of Database Management System (DBMS) at scale.

I spent several years playing and mungling about Apache Kafka at Cookpad, and then start my new journey at Neo4j with my enthusiasm in Graph Database technology.

SRE at a small start-up

I am also helping one of my friends' small startup company in Tokyo, as an part-time SRE.

Reliability Engineering is often required at big tech compnanies like Google and Apple, where production services should have to scale without loosing reliability at global scale. However, I also believe in the impact of introducing Reliability Engineering at early stages, that's why I decided my mind to help the startup and build products from the scratch.

I help them by reviewing grand designs of new products and reviewing Pull Requests, with the careful mind in performance, scalability, maintainability and security. Also helping them to spin up DevOps culture by setting up CI/CD and observability tools.

Building a Community in London

It has been more than two years since I relocated from Tokyo to the UK. Especially during the covid, I felt strong need for getting along with new friends and staying in touch with old friends, along with expanding my network in the local community.

Right now, I'm interested in building a small community for Japanese people in the tech industries here. The goal of this community is to support those who are interested in moving to the UK and start working for international companies.

If you're interested in joining the community, please feel free to join from this link, if you have an account on Twitter. I'm thinking to create a discord server as well, stay tuned!

Health & Well-Being

I believe in the importance of doing exercise regularly, eating healthy foods, communicating with social groups, and sleeping enough amount of time.

I love playing tennis recently, and often spend my time in group walking with my family. Cooking is another hobby instead of buying ready-meal products.