👋 It's me, Ken

Cloud experiences both with AWS/GCP, containerization both with ECS and Kubernetes (EKS) since 2017. Software Engineering with Ruby, Python and Go since 2015.

Database enthusiast. Loves Streaming Pipeline (Apache Kafka), Graph Database (Neo4j), NoSQL (DynamoDB, Redis), RDBMS (MySQL).

SRE guy who loves Distributed DBMS

In his several years as a Software Engineer, Ken found his passion in managing massive and complex production applications that solve real problems in the world and make our society better.

Doing the maximum amount of good ... over the very long term

He loves writing and editing, as well as reading and lisening. He sees the beauty of editorialship in elminationg redundancy in sentences and focusing on essential concepts, namely Japanese poems.


Pacman Online

A good old video game, "Pac-Man", is built purely in JavaScript and works perfectly on modern browsers.

All parts are rendered via canvas, and the website is responsive by design.

On smartphones, the pacman can be controlled by DeviceOrientation Event.

Gnutella Network Data Visualized

A sequence of snapshots of the Gnutella peer-to-peer file sharing network from August 2002. There are total of 9 snapshots of Gnutella network collected in August 2002. Nodes represent hosts in the Gnutella network topology and edges represent connections between the Gnutella hosts.

This website is built with Gatsby.js. Hosted with Netlify. For visualising network, vis/vis-network library is utilized. The original dataset was downloaded from Stanford Network Analysis Project (SNAP), especially from this dataset. For exploring and analysing network datasets, Neo4j is used.

The original dataset was parsed and serialized with Python scripts, then uploaded to the Neo4j database. In order to detect triangles, Neo4j Graph Data Science library is used. In particular, "Triangle Count" algorithm is used during preprocessing the dataset.


A well-known single-player puzzle game. Offline play is supported by using Service Worker APIfor caching assets at client machines.

No framework is used, built with pure JavaScript. All view components are reusable and well-scoped by using custome elements technology of Web Components.

Game of life

John Conway's Game of Life, implemented purely in JavaScript and works on any modern browsers.

Frame-per-second is tunable. Multiple patterns are implemented, from a famouns 'glider' and 'glidergun' pattern to beautiful 'pulsar' and 'quasar' patterns.

Each cells have a concept of 'life' - which means that cells living longer life have different colors than others. Blue-like colors mean cells are young, and Red-like colors mean cells are old.

Other projects