👋 Hi, I'm Ken


Homo Ludens. Programmer.

SRE guy who loves Databases.

Software Engineering since 2013, mostly coding Ruby. Database enthusiast. Intense experiences in Apache Kafka, Neo4j and MySQL.

In his several years as a Software Engineer, Ken found his passion in managing massive and complex production applications that solve real problems in the world and make our society better.

You can find what I am working on right now at my "now" page.

Doing the maximum amount of good ... over the very long term

He loves writing and editing, as well as reading a variety of books not only from Technology but also from Social Sciences, Neuroscience, and History. He sees the beauty of editorialship in elminationg redundancy in sentences and focusing on essential concepts, namely Japanese poems.

He is Type 5 - Quiet Specialist. He is perceptive, curious, unsentimental, self-sufficient and inventive. He enjoys spending time alone and are never bored when doing so. He is very cerebral in their orientation and believe that knowledge is power. He tends to intellectualise feelings and trust their mind to make sense of what they are experiencing on an emotional level.




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