How to write concisely in English



  • 🚫 He is not incapable of writing a program in Ruby.
  • ✅ He is capable of writing a program in Ruby.


  • 🚫 It's said that soft skills are essential in that book.
  • ✅ That book says that soft skills are essential.


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  • ✅ This button summarizes the blog posts on this website.

第四に、不要な修飾子の利用を避けるactually, really, very, basically, somewhat といった修飾子を多用することで、かえって文章のフォーカスポイントを削いでしまう。

  • 🚫 I understand that this advice is somewhat confusing, so I really recommend reading this book by yourself.
  • ✅ I understand that this advice is confisuing, so I recommend reading this book by yoursel.f


Instead of Use
it is necessary to you need to
in the event of when
in case of when
in a situation where where
the reason for because
in reference to about
in order to to
according to by